Quick story behind Blast Tournament

Previous to this game, I had only published one other game, and after a year of very little progress with games, I quickly got the motivation to create and publish a game in one week. After 7 years of using GameMaker 2 to develop games and, in a way, failing at expanding from it, I managed to completely switch to Unity when developing Blast Tournament. The idea behind Blast Tournament came from an unfinished GameMaker prototype game I had made 6 months before, and after failing to create anything enjoyable in Unity, after trying 10 or so different prototypes, this old idea came back to me. So I began, working tirelessly 24/7 for one week. It was difficult at first, in that I was using tools I had never used before, and developing games in a different manner, but after a few days, it really grew on me. I rapidly developed a prototype, and began working to a complete game I would eventually be able to publish. After a week of heavy work, I finally could feel proud and happy of what I had accomplished. I managed to develop what I consider to be a pretty solid and enjoyable little game. Now, I want to share this little creation with people who will enjoy playing it as much as I did developing it.

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Good job. I think that you came up with a pretty solid game in the end. Even if the game it's simple I think that it's a very solid game and it's enjoyable to play it. The gameplay it's fun and challengin, I'm pretty sure that people that like this kind of arcade action games will love to play it!

I really appreciate your comment! I'm very glad you enjoyed it! I'll be working on adding content soon, which will maybe make it a little bigger and more interesting