Important Gameplay Update!

Blast Tournament has a big gameplay update!

After a weeks of it's release and some feedback, certain gameplay issues came to light. In this update, the concept of gameplay has changed a bit, of course with some new content as well :)

Before this update, the gameplay concept was simple, in that you have to shoot enemies and if you miss, your bullets will forever ricochet off walls. That has not changed, as it is the core game concept. However, previous to this update, when enemies die, they either drop a mine or a confirm kill countdown at the location of death. This confirm kill concept wasn't easily understandable, and didn't serve it's purpose properly. One problem of gameplay was that of sitting in corners to survive. In this update, in every level there will be one or more key points, that will be clearly visible. These are timer spots, and serve to display a countdown, just like the confirm kill ones from the previous update, however they are activated at random, forcing the player to keep moving as he plays. This truly changes the goal of gameplay, as it is no longer to just kill enemies.

The other major addition, is a simple GUI, displaying two important things. The first, is the level, in relation to the final level. The other, is  the number of kills, in relation to the number of enemies needed to be killed in order to progress to the next level.

Other changes include:

  • Camera movement (screenshake) - Shooting, Mines, Timer deactivate
  • Change in level difficulty
  • On death, game is reverted to previous level instead of full reset
  • Small fixes


Blast Tournament - Version (1.0.1).rar 78 MB
Dec 29, 2019
Blast Tournament (1.0.1) - Installer.exe 77 MB
Dec 29, 2019

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I like the new updates, this one in particular "On death, game is reverted to previous level instead of full reset". I hope that now I can complete the game to the end!

Thanks! Glad you like it! This should make it easier to finish it, although the last level is not easy!